Volume 3, Chapter 10 / 36

Synopsis of Volume 3, Chapter 10 / 36

Photo by B Baltimore Brown, available through Creative CommonsJane travels to Thornfield but finds that the house is a burned-out ruin. She learns in the village that Rochester's wife escaped from Grace Poole, set fire to the house and then jumped from the roof to her death. Rochester was blinded and lost one hand while escaping from the fire and now lives alone at Ferndean, another of his properties.

Commentary on Volume 3, Chapter 10 / 36

the Christian's cross and the angel's crown The cross, as the symbol of the Crucifixion of Christ, would assure St John of her faith; and by agreeing to his plans for her she would assure herself of a place among the angels after her death.

watch and pray … weak Matthew 26:41, Mark 14:38.

the earthquake … Paul and Silas's prison The Apostles Paul and Silas are miraculously released from prison by an earthquake: see Acts 16:26. In likening this incident to the sound of Rochester's voice on the previous night, Jane is once again applying religious instances to worldly feelings and relationships.

It was a journey of six-and-thirty hours This gives some indication of distance between Whitcross and Thornfield.

A revengeful fury Jane likens her feelings as she fled Thornfield many months before to those of the Furies – embodiments of violent passion, anger and revenge – in Greek mythology.

the tideless sea of the south The Mediterranean.

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