More about life and death imagery

More about life and death imagery: By suggesting that a bawd, who deals with illicit sexual activity, and the executioner, who brings death, are as bad as each other, the Provost shows that life and death are closely linked. Throughout the play, the audience has been made aware of this thematic connection, not least by the fact that Claudio is to die because Juliet is pregnant with new life.

The two men who are now to be executed – Barnardine and Claudio - have been condemned because one has taken a life and the other has created a child. Angelo earlier suggested the same close link between life and death when he told Isabella:

It were as good To pardon him that hath from nature stolen A man already made, as to remit Their saucy sweetness that do coin heaven's imageIn stamps that are forbid. (Act II sc iv)

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