Calm versus storm

The critic Lord David Cecil considered that one of the main themes of the novel is the conflict between storm and calm. 

Wuthering Heights itself, and its inhabitants, represent storm. Thrushcross Grange and its inhabitants represent calm. This is clear in the descriptions of the two places. (See Structure > The dual locations of Wuthering Heights). When Catherine moves from Wuthering Heights to Thrushcross Grange, she brings the forces of storm into a place of calm. This gives rise to all sorts of problems and clashes. Heathcliff’s mission until she dies is to pull Catherine back into her rightful place.

Isabella, forced into moving the other way, takes on many of the characteristics of storm, as can be seen in her comments on Heathcliff in Chapter 17. It is only at the end that Cathy and Hareton bring a blend of the two forces together into harmony, thus allowing a calm, hopeful conclusion. However, there may be some doubt about this: see Synopses and commentary > Investigating Chapter 34

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