A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: Daniel and the Lions


Daniel is an Israelite exiled in Persia, the successor empire to the Babylonians. He has risen to prominence at the royal court, but, in doing so he has made enemies who are determined to bring him down. They persuade King Darius to Daniel in the lion's denissue a decree that for a period of thirty days nobody may pray to anyone other than the king, on pain of being thrown into a lions' den. Faithful Daniel refuses to comply and continues to pray to God three times daily. This is reported to the king who has no option but to do as he had decreed. Next morning, Darius rushes down to the den after a sleepless night and is overjoyed to find Daniel - a favourite courtier - unharmed. He is immediately released and his accusers and their families take his place in the den with predictable results! The purpose of the story is to: ' encourage faithfulness under persecution ' show that Israel's God can and will rescue his people even from certain death, sometimes by the most unlikely means.

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Bible References

Daniel 6:1-28
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