A worked example of an essay plan

How does Rossetti present the theme of secrecy in Winter: My Secret?


Discuss ideas of secrecy and introduce the central ideas of the poem. Think about what is meant by secrecy and how secrecy may differ from privacy or uncertainty.

Para 2

Discuss how Rossetti presents the theme of secrecy through imagery and symbolism. Think particularly about the image of wraps and masks.

Para 3

Think about the correlation between secrecy and winter. Why is secrecy linked to cold weather and snow, whereas disclosure is linked to the summer months?

Para 4

Discuss how Rossetti uses the idea of secrecy to play with the reader's sense of expectation and anticipation. How is the language she uses playful? What surprises you about the language of the poem?

Para 5

Discuss the effect and the tone of the poem. How does it leave you feeling? What have you learnt from the speaker about her secret?


Sum up your argument and briefly consider the ideas with which you have presented the reader.

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