Later Life: 1861-1894

Her mature outlook

Rossetti was always keenly aware of how close death was to human life. As she grew as a poet and author, she came to focus more and more on those of her writings which helped her readers understand the Bible. She often presents herself as a kind of nurturing mother figure to her readers, encouraging them to grow in faith and follow the example of biblical characters.

Literary success

Rossetti’s literary success grew rapidly throughout the second half of the nineteenth century. Her books of poetry and prose went through several editions in quick succession and she was a highly regarded figure. Living in London, she was in correspondence with other famous literary figures including Charles Algernon Swinburne and the Reverend Charles Dodgson (author of Alice in Wonderland under the name Lewis Carroll).

Disease and death

Despite this success, Rossetti’s personal life became increasingly difficult as she faced worsening health. She continued to suffer from Graves’ disease which caused a disfiguring of her features, but ultimately died of breast cancer in 1894, aged 64.

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