A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: Feeding of the 5000


This is the account of a miraculous feeding of a large crowd in the desert. It recalls God's provision for his people of manna during their Feeding of the 5000forty years wandering in the wilderness during the Exodus which is described in the Old Testament. At the end of a long day, the disciples of Jesus are unprepared when he challenges them to feed the large crowd who have been listening to Jesus. They wrongly assume that they have to buy bread, but Jesus takes charge and miraculously enables the crowd to be fed using only the five loaves and two fish which a young boy makes available. The story has two clear points ' Jesus is shown as being like a new Moses, supplying the needs of his people in the desert ' in John's gospel, Jesus portrays himself as 'the living bread from heaven', which reminds Christians of their celebration of holy communion / the eucharist / the Last Supper, and its reference to the bread of life.

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John 6:3-13
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