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Worksheet downloads - Songs of Innocence and Experience

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 Songs of Innocence and Experience: (a) Introduction  Investigate! A Cradle Song
 Songs of Innocence and Experience: (b) The Lamb  Investigate! A Divine Image
 Songs of Innocence and Experience: (c) Social commentary  Investigate! A Dream
 Songs of Innocence and Experience: (d) Ballads  Investigate! A Little Boy Lost
 Songs of Innocence and Experience: (e) Innocence or Experience?  Investigate! A Little Girl Lost
 Songs of Innocence and Experience: (f) Investigating To Tirzah  Investigate! A Poison Tree
   Investigate! Ah! Sunflower
   Investigate! Earth's Answer
   Investigate! Holy Thursday E
   Investigate! Holy Thursday I
   Investigate! Infant Joy
   Investigate! Infant Sorrow
   Investigate! Introduction E
   Investigate! Introduction I
   Investigate! Laughing Song
   Investigate! London
   Investigate! My Pretty Rose Tree
   Investigate! Night
   Investigate! Nurse's Song E
   Investigate! Nurse's Song I
   Investigate! On Another's Sorrow
   Investigate! Spring
   Investigate! The Angel
   Investigate! The Blossom
   Investigate! The Chimney Sweeper E
   Investigate! The Chimney Sweeper I
   Investigate! The Clod and the Pebble
   Investigate! The Divine Image
   Investigate! The Ecchoing Green
   Investigate! The Fly
   Investigate! The Garden of Love
   Investigate! The Human Abstract
   Investigate! The Lamb
   Investigate! The Lilly
   Investigate! The Little Black Boy
   Investigate! The Little Boy Found
   Investigate! The Little Boy Lost I
   Investigate! The Little Girl Found
   Investigate! The Little Girl Lost
   Investigate! The Little Vagabond
   Investigate! The Schoolboy
   Investigate! The Shepherd
   Investigate! The Sick Rose
   Investigate! The Tyger
   Investigate! The Voice of the Ancient Bard
   Investigate! To Tirzah

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