Equus synopses and commentary

The text begins with the Author’s Notes on the play. These outline the crime which was the inspiration for the story of Equus, and explain that Shaffer was advised by a child psychiatrist whilst writing the play.

The Notes are followed by staging notes and descriptions of the set, the horses and the Chorus.

More on sets...: The set is the term for the way in which the stage is arranged and dressed for a performance of a play. The term refers to the backdrop of the stage and also to any furniture or props which form a part of the scenery.
More on the Chorus...: The Chorus in a play is a group of actors who speak in unison. The term was first used in ancient Greek theatre, where the function of the Chorus was to draw the viewers’ attention to the actions of the hero, and to speak directly to the hero in some cases. In Equus, the Chorus makes horse noises rather than using words, to suggest the god-like presence of Equus himself.
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