Act Two Scene Thirty-one

Synopsis of Scene 31

Alan tells Dysart how he felt about his father after seeing him in the cinema. He and Jill talk and Jill tries to make light of the incident, but Alan is suddenly seeing his father, and other men, in a new light, and even feels some sympathy for him, blaming his mother.

Alan is reluctant to talk further but Dysart persuades him. Jill kisses Alan and they go to the stables.

Commentary on Scene 31

Ladies and Gentlemen: Alan is implying that his mother is too prim and old-fashioned to make his father happy.

Investigating scene 31...

  • How does Shaffer show Alan’s change in feelings towards his father?
    • Do you think Alan is right to feel sorry for Frank?
  • When Dysart refers to people’s secrets, do you think he is referring to himself as well as to Frank and Alan?
  • What is Jill’s motivation in taking Alan to the stables?
    • How do you think Alan might feel about this?
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