Act Two Scene Twenty-four

Synopsis of Scene 24

Dysart speaks to Alan in his room. He asks why Alan is angry with his mother and says that he hasn’t told Dora what Alan told him previously. Alan denies what he has said before and says that he was tricked by Dysart into talking. He says that he is afraid that Dysart might give him truth drugs next.

Commentary on Scene 24

truth drugs: Drugs which force a patient to tell the truth, by having a hypnotic effect or by repressing the patient’s inhibitions.

Investigating scene 24...

  • Why does Alan say he lied before?
  • Why do you think Alan mentions truth drugs?
    • Why does Dysart seem so interested in Alan’s reference to truth drugs?
  • To what extent do you think Alan wants Dysart to listen to him, pay him attention and make things better?
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