Act Two Scene Twenty-two

Synopsis of Scene 22

We see Alan and Nugget on stage, when Dysart begins talking. It is clear that he has been profoundly moved by Alan’s case, and that it has caused him to question not only his profession but his very existence. As he reflects, a nurse enters to say that Dora had visited Alan, who had thrown a tray at her. Dysart goes to see what has happened and finds Dora shouting at Alan not to stare at her. Dysart asks her to leave.

Commentary on Scene 22

Psyche: The psyche is the scientific word for the human mind, including both the conscious and unconscious mind. Dysart would also be familiar with the name Psyche as referring to the Greek goddess of the soul.

Displacement: In psychiatry, ‘displacement’ occurs when someone represses something and transfers the thoughts and emotions surrounding it onto something else.

Investigating scene 22...

  • What is happening to Dysart?
    • How has his work with Alan affected him?
  • What is Dysart saying about Equus?
    • What is he feeling now?
  • Why is Dora bothered by the way in which Alan looks at her?
    • What do you think has happened between Alan and Dora in this scene?
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