Act Two Scene Twenty-eight

Synopsis of Scene 28

Jill and Alan are talking, whilst Dysart asks questions and is answered. Jill is slightly flirtatious with Alan, but he is taken aback when she comments on his fascination with Nugget and with horses’ eyes. Jill asks him to go out with her and he agrees to go to the cinema with her on Saturday.

Commentary on Scene 28

skinflick: A slang term for a pornographic film.

Investigating scene 28...

  • What impression do you get of Jill and Alan’s relationship in this scene?
  • What do you think Jill is like?
    • What does Shaffer tell us about her here?
  • Why is Jill questioning Alan about his interest in horses and horses’ eyes?
    • Do you think he feels uncomfortable when she asks if he finds them sexy?
  • Why does Jill ask Alan to see a pornographic film with her?
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