Act Two Scene Twenty-seven

Synopsis of Scene 27

Alan comes in to see Dysart, though he is still rather defensive. Dysart offers him a pill to help him talk about what happened and to also stop his nightmares. When Dysart admits he’d like to leave his job and go to Greece, Alan says that Dysart is unhappy, and then says it must be the effect of the truth pill which made him say that. Dysart asks him about Jill and Alan seems reluctant to answer but eventually gives in. Jill enters the stage.

Commentary on Scene 27

sea … bathe: Dysart is referring to the Aegean Sea, in Greece, which has many myths relating to it.

Investigating scene 27...

  • Do you think Alan really believes he has been given a truth pill?
  • What do you think of Alan during this scene? Does he seem to be a likeable or sympathetic character to you?
  • How effectively do you think the two characters interact in this scene? Is Shaffer’s dialogue natural and believable?
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