Act One Scene Sixteen

Synopsis of Scene 16

The scene begins with three actors wearing horse masks in the stables. Alan is entranced by them but then Dalton and Jill enter. Dalton talks cheerfully to Alan and explains that Jill will show him what to do.

When Dalton leaves, Jill starts to explain the equipment and procedure to Alan. As Alan begins work on the horses, Dysart asks him if he enjoyed it, asking how he felt about grooming the horses and how he felt about Jill. Eventually Alan loses his temper with the questions.

Commentary on Scene 16

hoof-pick: This is the weapon Alan later uses on the horses he maims.

Now this is the dandy … like this: Jill explains the way to groom a horse using the technical terms for the tools of the trade.

Investigating scene 16...

  • How well do you think the horse-masks work?
    • How do you imagine the actors playing horses will look?
  • What do you think Alan is feeling at the beginning of the scene when he is in the stables?
  • How well do you think Jill explains the work to Alan?
    • How do you think Alan feels when he is grooming the horses?
    • Do you think there is something sexual in Jill’s descriptions of grooming?
  • What do you think Dysart is expecting the answers to his questions to be?
    • How do you think Alan feels about Jill?
  • What makes Alan finally get angry with Dysart’s questioning?
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