Act Two Scene Twenty-nine

Synopsis of Scene 29

Jill and Alan enter the cinema, where Jill was the only girl. They watch a film, which Alan describes, and seems enthusiastic about. However, he then sees his father enter the cinema. He tries to hide but Frank sees him and calls to him to leave, which eventually Alan does, along with Jill. 

Commentary on Scene 29

The whole place … girl: Because the cinema was showing a pornographic film, it was mostly attended by men.

congregation: The worshippers in a church. Alan is being ironic here.

Investigating scene 29...

  • The staging is minimal, but Shaffer’s directions clearly indicate how the space and props are used. Do you find the staging such as the cinema, created by benches and lighting, effective?
  • Why do you think Frank was in the cinema - was he really there to make Alan leave, or had he visited of his own accord?
  • In this scene, how does Alan connect sex and religion?
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