Act One Scene Twelve

Synopsis of Scene 12

Dalton, who owns the stables where Alan worked, enters. He says he thinks Alan should be imprisoned, not hospitalised, and that Jill Mason, who also worked in the stables, has had a nervous breakdown after what happened. He explains to Dysart that initially Alan was good at his job as a stable hand, but that although Alan never rode the horses during the day, Dalton had suspected that he was riding them at night.

Dysart has received a tape from Alan and we hear a single line from it.

Commentary on Scene 12

Jill … nervous breakdown: Although the character of Jill hasn’t been mentioned before, it is clear she was in some way involved in the events that led up to Alan’s crime, and that she has been badly affected by them.

looney: Colloquial term for a lunatic or mad person (madness had originally been believed to originate from the influence of the moon - luna in Latin)

Investigating scene 12...

  • What sort of character do you think Dalton is and how has this impression been created?
    • Why is he so unsympathetic towards Alan?
    • How do you think you would feel, in Dalton’s situation?
  • Do you think the comment from Alan’s tape confirms that he had been riding the horses at night?
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