Chapter 20 (Volume 2, Chapter 1) (Instalment 13):

Mr. Jaggers' clients / My Guardian and his Clerk

Synopsis of Chapter 20 (Volume 2, Chapter 1) (Instalment 13)

Pip arrives in London which he finds both frightening and somewhat disappointing. He sees the filthy meat market at Smithfield and the terrible Newgate Prison. He observes people waiting for Mr.Jaggers and the lawyer's dismissive treatment of them when he does appear. Mr.Jaggers tells Pip where he is to live and how much money he will have. He sends Pip with his clerk Mr.Wemmick to his lodgings in Barnard's Inn.

Commentary on Chapter 20 (Volume 2, Chapter 1) (Instalment 13)

knowing something to everybody else's disadvantage Dickens suggests, as usual, a wariness of lawyers and their activities.

Cag-Maggerth Cagmag or rubbish. There is an ironical pride in Pip's awareness of the quality of ‘his' lawyer.

‘He is dressed like a ‘spectable pieman.' The ‘witness' has been dressed up for the part. The various trades used to distinguish themselves in Dickens' time by their dress - this ‘pieman' is wearing a paper hat.

(he seemed to bully his very sandwich as he ate it) Mr.Jaggers's character is developed by Pip's observations of his actions.

I was told what my allowance was to be - it was a very liberal one Note that the text does not specify the exact amount that Pip has at his disposal.

Investigating Chapter 20 (Volume 2, Chapter 1) (Instalment 13)
  • How does Pip perceive his new surroundings, both consciously and unconsciously?
  • How does Dickens present lawyers and the operations of the law?

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