Chapter 45 (Volume 3, Chapter 6) (Instalment 28):

I toast a sausage for the Aged P. / Wemmick's advice and management

Synopsis of Chapter 45 (Volume 3, Chapter 6) (Instalment 28)

Pip responds to Wemmick's warning by going to a hotel. Early next morning, he goes to Walworth, where Wemmick explains that he has learnt on one of his visits to Newgate that Magwitch's presence in London is known. Wemmick wants to help Pip, and his behaviour is a blend of office (or business) and Walworth (or friendship).

While Pip can be shown to have been miles away, Herbert has already moved Magwitch to a room in his fiancée's house, overlooking the river. There can be no question of his involvement, and he could not be followed to where Magwitch was hidden. Wemmick tells Pip he can visit Magwitch on his way back to the Temple, but the exhausted Pip dozes in front of the fire all day opposite the Aged P.

Commentary on Chapter 45 (Volume 3, Chapter 6) (Instalment 28)

The closet whispered … the chest of drawers Even when describing Pip's nightmares, Dickens seems unable to resist a note of humour.

‘This watching of me at my chambers (which I have once had reason to suspect)' See Ch. 40; Vol. 3, Ch. 1 where the watchman says he thought someone was accompanying Provis when he first came to the Temple.

As I saw that he was restrained … how far out of his way he went to say what he did Pip is touched by Wemmick's generosity in involving himself in the affair.

‘Avail yourself of this evening to lay hold of his portable property.' Wemmick does not know that Pip is determined not to receive more money from Magwitch, and is giving him sensible advice of the sort that he would give in the office.

Investigating Chapter 45 (Volume 3, Chapter 6) (Instalment 28)
  • Why do you think Dickens includes the references to the pig in this chapter?


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