Chapter 24 (Volume 2, Chapter 5) (Instalment 15):

Pecuniary and other Arrangements / Wemmick's Personal Friends

Synopsis of Chapter 24 (Volume 2, Chapter 5) (Instalment 15)

Pip settles in at Hammersmith. He is not to be prepared for a profession but to become an independent gentleman. Deciding to keep his room at Herbert's lodgings, Pip seeks Mr. Jaggers' approval and endures a tense and teasing conversation with him. Mr. Wemmick confirms that this is Mr. Jaggers' method of dealing with everyone.

During a tour of the office, finishing in Mr. Jaggers' room, Wemmick explains that the odd-looking busts are the death masks of executed criminals whose trials were good business for Mr. Jaggers. Mr. Wemmick invites Pip to visit him at home in Walworth and Pip agrees. Pip is taken to see Mr. Jaggers in court, where witnesses are overwhelmed and terrified by his aggressive approach.

Commentary on Chapter 24 (Volume 2, Chapter 5) (Instalment 15)

Nor, did I ever regard him as having anything ludicrous about him Even when charged with such a task as preparing Pip for a life of idleness, Mr. Pocket remains an honourable man.

‘Go it!' said Mr. Jaggers, with a short laugh. ‘I told you you'd get on.' Mr. Jaggers is pleased that Pip is beginning to ask for what he wants.

he sometimes caused the boots to creak, as if they laughed in a dry and suspicious way Another example of Dickens' use of a mannerism to develop character. Mr. Wemmick eats his pieces of biscuit ‘as if he were posting them'.

my guiding-star always is, Get hold of portable property.' Mr. Wemmick appears at this stage to be a ghoulish and grasping creature.

It won't lower your opinion of Mr. Jaggers's powers Mr. Wemmick takes pride in Mr. Jaggers's fearsome reputation as a all-conquering lawyer.

Investigating Chapter 24 (Volume 2, Chapter 5) (Instalment 15)
  • Write a paragraph, including quotations, on the character of Mr. Wemmick as he is presented here
  • Notice how Dickens makes use of the death masks (last seen in Chapter 20) to show Pip's growing knowledge of the city


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