Chapter 46 (Volume 3, Chapter 7) (Instalment 28):

Old Barley / I begin to get a boat ready

Synopsis of Chapter 46 (Volume 3, Chapter 7) (Instalment 28)

Pip makes his way to Clara Barley's secluded house on the river, well-placed to be the starting point for Magwitch's escape abroad.

Pip decides to say nothing to Magwitch about Compeyson, in case he does something rash. He explains what Wemmick has heard and argues that in the present danger it would be foolish to increase his own expenditure. Herbert suggests that Pip should start keeping a boat on the river by the Temple, using it regularly for exercise, so that no-one will think it strange when he takes Provis to board a ship for France. Pip cannot escape the feeling that he is being watched, and lives in constant dread.

Commentary on Chapter 46 (Volume 3, Chapter 7) (Instalment 28)

Creative Commons attributed to Boatbuilderthe Old Green Copper Rope-Walk A rope walk is a long building used for the manufacture of ropes. This one is well-sited by the river.

I thought of the first night of his return … as it was now Pip's feelings have changed very quickly; he still cannot accept more money from Provis, but he has heard with sympathy his life story, and is determined to get him to safety.

It was the Old London Bridge in those days … gave it a bad reputation Pip is quite adventurous – to Erith and back would have been a twenty mile round trip – and many were killed trying to shoot under the bridge arches when the tide was running fast. The new London Bridge, replacing the medieval structure, was built between 1823 and 1831, so this reference helps to date the action of the novel

Investigating Chapter 46 (Volume 3, Chapter 7) (Instalment 28)
  • List all the elements in the plot that are touched on in this chapter
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