Chapter 15 (Volume 1, Chapter 15) (Instalment 9):

Joe makes a point / Old Orlick and Mrs. Joe / An Intellectual Evening / Murderous attack on Mrs. Joe

Synopsis of Chapter 15 (Volume 1, Chapter 15) (Instalment 9)

Pip tries to pass on what he learns to Joe so that he will not be so embarrassingly ignorant, and more worthy of the ambitious Pip. Joe advises Pip not to visit Miss Havisham; he thinks it best not to mix with those who are out of reach socially. Pip reveals (to the reader, if not to Joe) that what he really wants is to see Estella. Joe agrees that a visit to thank Miss Havisham is acceptable.

The aggressive and jealous Orlick is introduced. He sees Pip as privileged, and Joe has to intervene in a quarrel between Orlick and Mrs. Joe. Pip goes to Satis House and is received by Miss Havisham, who enjoys his disappointment that Estella is away being educated ‘for a lady'. They meet Orlick on the way home, and find that Mrs. Joe has been attacked and seriously injured.

Commentary on Chapter 15 (Volume 1, Chapter 15) (Instalment 9)

Caim i Abel by Josep Vergaralike Cain or the Wandering Jew Cain was one of the sons of Adam and Eve; he murdered his brother Abel and became a wanderer (see Exodus 4:1-31.)The Wandering Jew is both a description of Cain and of the symbolic figure of the Jew wandering the world without a home after the expulsion of the Jews from Israel. The Wandering Jew is also seen as someone who insulted Christ on his way to be crucified and who was condemned to wander for ever as a punishment. The reference to murder here, in connection with Orlick, is ominous.

the Devil lived in a black corner of the forge Another ominous reference in connection with Orlick.

Investigating Chapter 15 (Volume 1, Chapter 15) (Instalment 9)
  • There are several phrases in brackets in this chapter
    • What is their effect?
  • How would you describe Pip's relationship with Orlick?
  • Have you any thoughts about who might have attacked Mrs Joe?
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