Chapter 41 (Volume 3, Chapter 2) (Instalment 26):

Necessary to know his history

Synopsis of Chapter 41 (Volume 3, Chapter 2) (Instalment 26)

Pip tells Herbert the whole story and sees his horrified reaction. Pip feels disgust towards his benefactor, but Provis is unaware of these feelings. There is great relief when Pip escorts Provis to his lodgings, though Pip is always on the look-out, remembering the mysterious man who followed Provis to the Temple.

Herbert's stark and clear analysis of his changed situation makes Pip long for the simple days of working at the forge. More practically, Herbert suggests that Magwitch must be moved abroad. They could use the threat posed by the second convict to persuade him to go. Herbert promises to help.

The next morning, Magwitch arrives with plans for buying a suitable property where they could all live together. Pip asks about the second convict and, with many reminders that they are both on oath, Magwitch agrees to tell his story.

Commentary on Chapter 41 (Volume 3, Chapter 2) (Instalment 26)

I have been bred to no calling, and am fit for nothing Pip's way of life, deprived of money, suddenly seems empty and disastrous: this is the dilemma of the ‘gentleman'.

Investigating Chapter 41 (Volume 3, Chapter 2) (Instalment 26)
  • Herbert comes home to a desperate situation, of which he had no knowledge
    • Look for evidence of his character in that way he deals with the situation and with Pip


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