More on The Pilgrim's Progress

More on The Pilgrim's Progress?:The Pilgrim's Progress (a short form of the full title The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that which is to Come) is an allegory of the Christian life, viewing it as a pilgrimage through many dangers and temptations which the faithful pilgrim (called ‘Christian') must overcome, before finally reaching the Promised Land. One of the dangers Christian encounters is the Giant Despair; another is the Slough (or swamp) of Despond (or depression), which must be passed if the pilgrim is to complete the journey to Heaven. Pip's journey through the dark to the sluice house reflects Christian's journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. The fierce and unpleasant fumes from the lime kiln suggest the flames of Hell. The fight with Orlick and the taunting of Pip that follows recall the pilgrim's encounter with Apollyon in the Valley of Humiliation. Apollyon/Orlick taxes Pip with his guilt and tells him to prepare for death; Pip, like Christian, admits his guilt, and expresses contrition; Apollyon/Orlick attacks him with flame and he is injured; finally help arrives when all seems lost, and Apollyon/Orlick is defeated.

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