Chapter 30 (Volume 2, Chapter 11) (Instalment 19):

In the old town again / Herbert knows that I love Estella! / Herbert's sweetheart

Synopsis of Chapter 30 (Volume 2, Chapter 11) (Instalment 19)

Pip talks to Mr. Jaggers and gets Orlick sacked from his new post at Satis House.. He enjoys being recognized by the locals, but Trabb's boy spoils the occasion by mocking him in public.

Pip talks openly to Herbert, surprised that his friend is fully aware of his passion for Estella. Pip begins to question himself and Herbert's response is good-natured and encouraging, though Pip is not entirely happy with Herbert's assessment of his character. Herbert warns him not to make too many assumptions about his benefactor and his future relationship with Estella, but Pip cannot so easily dismiss his hopes.

Herbert reveals that he wishes to marry a girl called Clara who is tyrannized by her father, a bed-ridden old sea captain, who would certainly be regarded as an unsuitable father-in-law by Mrs. Pocket. Pip finds the playbill advertising the first night of Mr. Wopsle's Hamlet, and they rush off to see it.

Commentary on Chapter 30 (Volume 2, Chapter 11) (Instalment 19)

I sent a penitential codfish and barrel of oysters to Joe Now that he is away Pip regrets avoiding Joe. Whether Joe would feel that the gift made up for being ignored is another matter.

A better proof of my bondage to that taskmaster could scarcely be afforded The older Pip can see the pointlessness of maintaining a servant whose presence makes his life difficult, but the younger Pip simply endures it, because the servant is too important to his self-image.

‘I ought to have,' said Herbert, for I have not much else.' Herbert has few ‘expectations' but his hopeful disposition enables to keep going

she is rather below my mother's nonsensical family notions Herbert has no illusions about his mother's social pretensions.

Investigating Chapter 30 (Volume 2, Chapter 11) (Instalment 19)
  • Re-read the opening paragraph of this chapter, and consider what it suggests about Pip's development since he first left for London
  • What does Pip's visit home tell us about how his life has changed?
  • How is Herbert presented in this chapter, including his friendly delicacy in advising Pip and the introduction of his own passion for Clara


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