Class and social attitudes

This theme is also discussed with in the section Structure: Thematic structures.

Specific characters and episodes where class is an issue include:

  • Estella's scorn for Pip because he is a ‘common labouring boy'
  • Pip's growing sense of shame about his home and class origins
  • Joe's awkward behaviour in the company of his ‘betters
  • Orlick's sense of resentment at Pip's good fortune and preferential treatment
  • Mr. Pumblechook's change of attitude when Pip comes into his expectations
  • the mockery of Trabb's boy when Pip reappears in the town
  • Mrs. Pocket's excessive concern with social position and her sense of having married beneath her.
  • Identify at least three scenes where class and social status are at issue and make notes on their effect on the behaviour of the characters.
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