Letter 60

Synopsis of Letter 60

Shug and Celie begin to share a bed, for physical closeness and companionship – Celie’s grief and anger making her sexually unresponsive.

Shug suggests Celie occupies herself making work trousers which will suit her and probably be admired by Albert. Initially doubtful, Celie agrees to try altering army uniform trousers to fit herself and the women sew and read letters henceforward.

Commentary on Letter 60

The situation of the previous letter is continued in this one. Shug’s suggestion that Celie creates some pants (trousers, not underwear) proves to be an effective therapy and marks a significant turning point in Celie’s life. That first pair of trousers is a symbolic gesture of independence and from this point in the narrative, Celie begins the process of becoming an assertive, independent woman.

Shug’s comment about exchanging clothes with Albert is also interesting, as it illustrates not only Shug’s open attitude to sex but also another side to Albert, whose willingness to cross-dress indicates a sexual inventiveness that has not been evident earlier in the narrative.

Investigating Letter 60

  • Add to your character notes on Albert, Shug and Celie
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