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More on imputed: To ‘impute' something to someone, in Christian understanding, means to attribute something to them which they have not earned themselves. It was a term used at the Reformation to explain that salvation could never be earned by human effort but only be given by God as an act of his grace or mercy. Martin Luther, after studying the book of Romans in the New Testament, taught that God ‘imputes' righteousness (integrity and living according to God's standards) to human beings by his grace, that is, although they are sinful, he nevertheless treats them as if they are worthy of acceptance by him Romans 4:3-6; Romans 4:23-24. This gift has to be accepted ‘by faith' Romans 3:22. This concept is also explored in the Holy Sonnet This is my playes last scene.

Donne uses this word here in somewhat different context - and he is not so much interested in ‘right living' as in the ‘grace' the woman may show him! Only the woman herself can count him worthy of revealing the truth of herself to him. This is her ‘liberality' (‘That I may know/As liberally').

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