Structure and versification in The Mower against Gardens

Hidden stanzas

Although this looks like a non-stanzaic poem, it really does have hidden stanzas, and a clearly defined structure. The poem falls into two sections, ll.1-18 and ll.19-36, with a 4-line conclusion. Each section consists of four quatrains and a couplet. Each quatrain is a full sentence, and divides neatly into two rhyming couplets. Each couplet consists of an iambic pentameter and an iambic tetrameter – an interesting metre. The precise structure makes for a controlled argument, rather than a mere invective without shape or direction.

Investigating The Mower against Gardens
  • Compare The Mower against Gardens with Marvell's The Garden
    • In what ways do the two gardens portrayed differ?
    • Why is one bad and the other good?
  • How does the figure of the Mower here differ from the Mower of The Mower's Song?
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