Andrew Marvell's changed sympathies

Andrew Marvell: Pro-Cromwell

Oliver CromwellMarvell seems to have turned his sympathies to Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, writing several significant poems about him. These contain nuanced political comments as well as expressing hopes for peace. He came to know John Milton, who was at that time Latin Secretary to the Commonwealth. Milton recommended him as his assistant in 1653, but nothing came of that in the short term. Instead, he tutored Cromwell's ward, William Dutton, moving to Eton.

Andrew Marvell as Latin secretary to the Commonwealth

After further travels to Europe, Marvell became Latin Secretary to the Commonwealth on Milton's retirement. On the Parliamentary elections following Cromwell's death, Marvell was elected Member of Parliament for his old home town of Hull. He represented Hull in Parliament for the rest of his life.

Andrew Marvell - After the Restoration

Marvell continued to write poetry, mainly satires, but is best known at this stage for being a democratic politician in a fairly authoritarian era after the Restoration of Charles II to the throne in 1660. He travelled on political duties to Europe a number of times, and may even have been involved in some espionage. He died, unmarried, in 1678. His Miscellaneous Poems were published in 1681.

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