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John Donne: Sir Richard Burton reads The Love Poems of John Donne on Audio CD

Musical Settings

John Donne:

Malcolm Arnold: Two John Donne Songs

Benjamin Britten: The Holy Sonnets of John Donne, Op.35

John Mitchell: Two songs from La Corona (‘Moist with one drop'; Everlasting Day)

(see http://abm_enterprises.net/mp3.html)

Guillaume Tessier and others: Lovesongs and Sonnets of John Donne and Sir Phillip Sidney

George Herbert:

Hymns, to be found in many hymn-books: Praise (‘King of glory, King of peace'); The Elixir

(‘Teach me my God and King'); Let all the World.

Let all the World has been a very popular poem to set, having been done by Lennox Berkeley, Bill Ives, Randall Thompson, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Judith Weir.

Bill Ives: Praise; Let all the World; Listen,sweet dove.

R. Vaughan Williams: Five Mystical Songs

Richard Crashaw:

Gerald Finzi: Hymn to the Blessed Sacrament

Rodney Lister: Full Tide; Love's Delicious Fruit

Edmund Rubbra: Sound Forth, Celestial Organs

R. Vaughan Williams: Come Love, Come Lord

Henry Vaughan:

Anderson: Peace

Benjamin Britten: Waters Above

Edward Elgar: The Shower; The Fountain

Michael Head: ‘O let no star compare with thee'

Parry: ‘My soul, there is a country'

Edmund Rubbra: The Morning Watch

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