Synopsis of Regeneration

Regeneration gives us as much spiritual autobiography or Confession as we ever get with Vaughan. In that it could be compared to Herbert's Affliction, though there are also echoes of The Collar and another poem of Herbert's called The Pilgrimage, which is also quite an emblematic poem. However, any comparisons with Herbert immediately reveal how much more Vaughan uses the natural background, even if however symbolically. If we have ever visited Wales, we can picture the scenery quite easily from the details Vaughan gives us.

Being reborn

The title word Regeneration refers to ‘being born again', described by Jesus in John 3:5-8, a passage Vaughan had in mind, as he quotes from it later. Elsewhere in the New Testament, regeneration is explained as dying to the old life and being reborn into a spiritual one (Romans 6:3-4).

Investigating Regeneration
  • Pick out some of the references to mountains in Vaughan's Regeneration
  • What other elements might be associated with Welsh scenery?
  • Why do writers often use the image of a journey to convey a spiritual autobiography such as this?
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